Only Quik Has 75% Technician Video Utilization, Guaranteed.

That's why we talk about it.

* Guarantee is only valid with purchase of in-person consultative training.

The Quik Difference: ROI Starts with Utilization

Dealerships only see the Return on Investment if technician video is used.

WRONG THINKING: Some dealerships and Technicians resist change, and fear that adding a video will create more work, with zero paid off.

TRUTH BACKED BY DATA: The result of Quik.Video is a $250 increase per RO and a jump of ASR (Additional Service Recommendation) approvals north of 60%.

You will improve your sales from Additional Service Recommendations!

BMW 1.5 Invisible Service

World's best car dealer video system for your both your service & sales teams.
Secure & reliable, integrated online payments system. Give your customer the convenience they are looking for.
Fully featured 2-way texting & chat, including FCA/TCPA compliant custom welcome texts with double opt-in.
A distributed call center solution at the heart of your customer service. Including web calling & call recording.
Communicate with Customers Anywhere. A service advisors’ app for communications and real-time notifications.

All other Services Add-ons

Brand specific, super-easy to use, technician friendly digital Multi-point Inspection solution.
Automated Labor and Parts pricing, fast and fully integrated into your dealership processes.
Car dealerships live and die on their customer satisfaction scores. Quik.CSI greatly enhances your CSI and customer loyalty.
We re-imagined the pre-owned vehicle certification. No more paperwork. Quik.CPO process is all-digital, fast, secure and convenient.

Quik’s first priority is training. We pride ourselves on world class training standards, provided by automotive experts with over 20 years of automotive fixed operations experience each. We guarantee that at the end of the training period, your staff will be operating at peak performance.

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