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Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 3 years ago

BMW North America Appoints Quik as a Preferred Vendor: As Consumer Preferences Shift to 'Invisible Service'

We are proud to announce that BMW of North America has named Quik as a preferred vendor of their Invisible Service program. Quik now provides BMW Service Centers with technology that creates a seamless, tailored experience for their customers. 

Automotive customers expect a frictionless, liquid service experience, similar to the one offered by digital retailers (Amazon, Uber, Airbnb). “Invisible Service” is a concept of vehicle maintenance, where the customer is provided with an immersive journey, enabled by advanced digital technology and continuous dialog with the customer. Quik, being one of the auto-tech leading innovators, has developed a cloud software platform that provides that immersive, fluid experience to both dealers and their customers. The system increases dealers’ revenue while ensuring customers’ satisfaction and their continued loyalty during the vehicle lifecycle.

“BMW drivers love technology and their vehicles are loaded with it. When those same drivers visit service departments with dated processes and a lack of technology, there is a disconnect for them,” says Chad Deaver, COO for Quik. “BMW drivers want the same experience with their service visit that they receive in other aspects of their BMW ownership experience.”

Quik’s digital innovations enable a fully tailored and often “invisible” experience for BMW customers. The common goal is to make what was inconvenient, convenient, and hassle-free, by delivering a transparent and easy to understand service, leveraging immersive digital communications, technician video recommendations, and digital payments.

BMW of Downtown Denver has been a client of Quik since 2017, and its technicians have made over 42,000 videos since launch. The dealership has seen a 54% closing ratio of technician additional recommendation approvals, and over a $250 increase in repair order value when a video is sent to the customer. This is an 80% increase over the 30% industry average of additional service recommendations.

“BMW’s approval of Quik as a preferred vendor is proof that our software enables dealerships to keep pace with the most demanding requirements and provides a modern, frictionless, digital service experience the automotive customer so desires,” says Jack Gardner, Quik CEO. “We welcome BMW Service Centers to speak with us about providing communication, technician video, online payments along with the other benefits of our complete solution.”

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