The ROI of a Great Training Program.

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 3 years ago

On average, Quik dealers are reporting the ROI exceeding 2700%. Some of the dealerships are yielding ROI of well over 3500%.

How is that possible?

Quik video inspection process increases average repair order values by $50 to $250 depending on the brand. The main reason for this increase is the fact that the customers, every single time, receive an easy to understand video narrative from their trusted technician. More importantly, they get 100% of the technician recommendations, 100% of the time. That consistency and the empowerment to make educated decisions are the primary factors of the RO value increase.

Theoretically, all vendors of technician video platforms should be yielding similar results. But it is not the case. So where is the secret then?

Partially, it is our devotion to product usability. As the technicians are saying, “Everything is one button, and you’re done.”

Enter the adoption rate.

At Quik, the adoption rate is our North Star metric.
In Quik dealerships, more than 75% of repair orders get a technician video. This result is 800% higher than comparable competitors.

How does Quik yield utilization result almost 8 times higher than the next competitor?

Quik’s first priority is training.

Knowing that any change, in such a challenging environment, would be difficult, Quik created a Consultative Training Program that installs a proven process for the service department. Thus, ensuring the success of each dealership and providing a digital service platform that yields consistent results.

“The Quik system training is by far the best in the industry.”

Chris Coxall, VP Of Fixed Operations
McDonald Automotive Group

When installing the technician video, two factors are critical; changing the culture of the dealership staff and installing a process. This simply cannot be done without a consultative approach that includes in-dealer training. We overcome the employee objections, explain to them what they will be doing, what happens when they do, and most importantly why they are doing it. We get the buy-in and we install the process. Systems without a process are doomed to fail.

As our COO, Chad Deaver says; “Quik Training: Sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting.”

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