Security, compliance and service levels

In a very strictly regulated automotive market, Quik. takes the security and compliance requirements with extreme attention and applies all appropriate security measures to ensure your data security and safe retention of your videos.

Quik. provides 24/7 system monitoring and support and guarantees 99.8% system uptime and availability.

Your data is safe with Quik.

Here at Quik, we believe in a “no compromise” approach to privacy. That means we do our best to be thoughtful and deal in an honest, direct and transparent way when it comes to your data.

We have a precisely defined, very strict internal policy on data protection and data handling for both Dealers and their Customers' personal data.

Our strong business reputation depends on a robust data privacy and information security program. We have implemented appropriate comprehensive procedures to ensure that your data is retained in a secure and protected within our robust cloud environment.

Quik. has been registered as Data Processor by Data Protection Commissioner - Reg No 16932/A

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