Quik Video Rebranded

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 5 years ago


Great customer experience has always been at the core of our business. When we started, we immediately set out to tackle the biggest problem in the automotive industry which was the lack of trust between the customers and the car dealers. To fix this, we brought a revolutionary product to market, Quik Video.

And then… we never stopped. Over the past 12 months, we introduced a whole new family of great products to the automotive industry. Now our platform offers:

  • Quik.Video – still the world’s best car dealer video system for your service & sales teams.
  • Quik.Text – fully featured, FCA/TCPA compliant 2-way texting & chat, including custom welcome texts with double opt-in.
  • Quik.Call – a distributed call center solution at the heart of your customer service. Including web calling & call recording.
  • Quik.MPI – brand specific, super-easy to use, technician friendly digital Multi-point Inspection solution.
  • Quik.Pay – secure & reliable, integrated online payments system. Give your customer the convenience they are looking for.
  • Quik.CSI – car dealerships live and die on their customer satisfaction scores. Quik.CSI greatly enhances your CSI and customer loyalty.
  • Quik.CPO – we have re-imagined and re-designed the pre-owned vehicle certification process — no more paperwork. Quik.CPO is all-digital, fast, secure and convenient.

Last but not least, in November this year, we are launching so much anticipated Quik.P&A – another revolutionary solution, bringing modern cloud computing and machine learning into the workshops – allowing for seamless, easy parts pricing & availability — automated & fully integrated into your dealership workflows.

As Jeff Bezos says, “this is still day 1” – we’re not done yet, only getting started. We are extremely humbled by the fact that so many automotive brands, dealer groups, and individual dealers have trusted us for all these years — by using Quik and constantly giving so much valuable feedback. To all of you – thank you!

If you’re not using our system yet, we invite you to join us on this beautiful journey. Let us help you build a more modern, more profitable dealership.

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