Quik Integrated with CDK Global, Leading Dealer Management System Provider

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 3 years ago

We are proud to announce that Quik is now fully integrated with CDK Global and has been officially certified as a CDK Approved Interface

There are a number of benefits of having Quik software integrated with the dealer management system in your workshop. The main advantage is a huge productivity boost. When a repair Order is created on CDK, the system, within minutes creates a job request on the mobile Quik.Video app allowing the Technician to make and send to the customer’s videos with MPI identified repair recommendations.

Similarly, every morning the Quik system, again fully automatically, matches the video jobs sent from the Technicians’ mobile app with relevant closed Repair Orders on CDK. This process removes the need for the Service Advisors having to manually close jobs, set up follow-ups and enter Repair Order values, Quik does it all for you.

To summarize, the core benefits of the integration include:

  • Enhanced Security – Quik system has been thoroughly tested, monitored, and subsequently approved – passed all tests with flying colors.
  • Efficiency and Improved Accuracy – Reduced double data entry, decreased errors due to less cutting and pasting
  • Workflow and ease-of-use – For both the CDK DMS and Quik
  • Decreased time required to install Quik and train Technicians and Service Advisors

Now with the dealers who have already deployed Quik integrated with CDK software in their workshops, we can see a substantial growth in the number of MPI videos made, increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

With the customer expectations constantly growing and the aftersales operations evolving rapidly to meet these new requirements, it is now extremely important for dealers to operate efficiently, and deploy smart workshop software solutions based on integrated technology platforms securely and reliably sharing data between them.

One of our primary goals here at Quik is to help improve your workshop’s efficiency by making Service Advisor’s and Technician’s work easier while driving profits. This approach helps us greatly enhance the customer’s experience, ultimately resulting in customer retention, by building trust and transparency.


Quik – CDK Approved Interface

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