Quik Integrated and Certified with PBS DMS

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 5 years ago

Leading to increased employee productivity and unified workflow in your Dealership, we are celebrating the announcement that we are fully integrated with PBS Dealer Management System.

With Quik system now being fully integrated with PBS Dealer Management System, it will make your Dealership run in a more convenient and efficient way while ultimately improving customer satisfaction. The Quik software can be used in the company alongside PBS DMS.

You may wonder what way it works for Quik to be integrated with PBS. Simply put, it allows the service advisor to create a repair order on the dealer management system and Quik will then automatically request a video from the technician. This video is recorded by the technician to show the customer in a quick and transparent way any repair recommendations discovered by a Multi-Point Inspection. Additionally, Quik routinely checks and closes any repair orders that have been completed.

When a customer arrives with their car for a service or repair and there is no integration, then the service advisor must manually complete a final repair order value and manually close the job.

Quik video being integrated with PBS means:

  • More convenience and less manual work, which allows valuable time to be spent on more important tasks.
  • Increased transparency means customers gain a trust with the dealership which leads to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Increased profitability for Dealerships as customers will decide to spend more money on repairs after seeing the recommendations from the video.
    In a time where it is vital for a business to have strong customer relations, it is easy to see how Quik will have only a positive impact on your dealership. The customer will undoubtedly value your transparency and will have a trust in your dealership like never before, all because of Quik.

The usability of the software is simple and can link in perfectly to the PBS DMS already in place in your workplace. Overall, Quik will enhance your workshop’s productivity and performance while also increasing profits.

To learn more about PBS DMS please visit PBS Systems Group website.

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