Quik.Video: Delivering Transparency and Efficiency to Public Service Fleets

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 3 years ago

We Have Extended our Partnership with The Irish Police Force.

Since 2017, Quik has partnered with An Garda Síochána (the national Police service of the Republic of Ireland) and recently expanded the partnership to include 9 more dealerships.

This expansion comes at the most demanding of times, as fleet management companies are looking for a more transparent and efficient way to do business, just like the workshops.

Every Garda fleet vehicle that enters the workshop, gets a technician video, made by Quik.auto. The video, along with a completed multi-point inspection is then securely sent to the fleet management system. In the Garda Headquarters, they receive the recommendations with the video, and can then easily and quickly grant work approval based on the facts. To date, we (Quik) have processed over 20,000 inspections of the Irish Police vehicles, which is a testament to the success of this partnership.

“This process has proven to be much faster than others, it’s very efficient,” says Alan Challoner, Aftersales Manager in Hyundai, responsible for the Garda program delivery, “It saves countless hours and ensures the safety and reliability of our vehicles.”

In October, we added a further 9 Dealerships to the program, making it a total of 39 Hyundai and Ford service centers on Quik.auto, who have been authorized by Garda to service the Police vehicles.

This partnership is a great example of how the bleeding-edge innovative automotive technology solutions can greatly improve the efficiency of public services, all the while providing substantial monetary savings.

We at Quik are honored to deliver this service to the Irish Police and proud to continually improving the reliability of their security force vehicles fleet.

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