On Customer Satisfaction

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 5 years ago

Car dealerships live and die on their customer satisfaction scores. How does Quik Video then affect your dealership's Customer Satisfaction Index and what it means to your dealership?

Typically today a customer is sold the repairs on their vehicle but in reality, they have no understanding of what they purchased. This is not a good way of allowing your customer to leave the dealership.

Perception is a reality. Nobody likes to be sold to, but we do like spending money on the items we believe are important, or on the items that we understand.

With Quik, once the customer receives a video they understand what the concern is and what they are paying for. Now when they leave the dealership their frame of mind is completely different. It goes like this.

I finally understand what I spent my hard earned money on.

Quik gives the customers a window into the workshop. As a result of providing this window into the workshop trust and transparency are both elevated.  MPI recommendations turn into MPI sold work all the while keeping your customer happy.

This translates directly to increase both your customer CSI scores and customer retention. (Why would I bring my car elsewhere when you provide me with proof positive recommendations?)

So what does it mean?

Finally, there is a way to increase sales, profit, CSI scores, and retention, all through the use of one program.

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