Interactive 2-way Messaging, A New Great Feature on Quik

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 3 years ago

Interactive two-way messaging is now available through the use of Quik. This means that customers can now respond to their video directly to the service advisor either by text or by using the chat feature on the video landing page.

Customers can easily find the new messaging feature on their video landing page when they click on their received video link. This gives them the option to chat with their advisor about the recommendations they have seen in the video, and ask any questions they may have. The chat is fully integrated with SMS messaging to ensure high delivery rate and customer convenience. Customer communication can also be easily monitored by managers.

There are many benefits to having this new feature available with Quik, the main one being a convenience for both customers and service advisors. It is now easier and faster for service advisors and customers to chat using an intuitive, clear, interface. This makes it a simple process to respond to questions, send additional information, updates and attach documents to customers, making life a lot easier for the customer as well as the service advisor.

The new chat system also eliminates the need to make phone calls or lengthy emails to every customer for each repair order made, which saves time for both parties. Browser and email notifications will alert service advisors of when new messages come in from customers, making the chat process even more time efficient.

The new chat feature makes the use of Quik even more mobile friendly for customers, allowing their primary use of communication with their service advisor to be through mobile. This has many advantages for the communication process in Quik as text messaging has an open rate of over 99% in comparison with emails which only have an open rate of 28-33%. Also, 90 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes of being delivered.

Research shows that the click-through rate of SMS messages can be up to six times higher than with emails. This means that six times the number of people will interact with your text messages rather than with emails you have sent them. People generally do not have the time or patience to read through an email to find the link. SMS messages are shorter an clearer, giving a better opportunity to keep the customers’ attention. 80% of Quik videos are opened using mobile, so the new mobile-friendly, asynchronous features will encourage the use and effectiveness of Quik through mobile and make it easier and more accessible for customers.

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