How Do I Get My Technicians to Make Video Multi-Point Inspections?

Bartek Czerwinski
Posted 4 years ago

Most OEMs now a require technician video MPI on every car going through the workshop.

One of the most common questions that I hear from dealership owners or managers is “How do I get my technicians to make Video MPIs?”

The biggest hurdle to overcome is explaining to the technicians the benefits they will receive from making Video MPI’s. Here are 3 proven ways to convince technicians to adopt video technology.

You will make more money

  • Increase ASR recommendations sold.
  • The customer gains an understanding of the recommendations the Technician is making (we all learn visually).

Efficiency; work smarter, not harder

  • Time saved by not having to explain to the advisor the recommendations being made.
  • Approval turnaround time is greatly reduced, therefore increasing productivity.

Build your personal brand

  • The technician becomes instrumental in building trust between the customer and the dealership.
  • What an amazing way to self-promote — wouldn’t be great, if 3 customers a day came in and asked for you to work on their car?

Confident, well-trained technicians can guarantee expected levels of user adoption and deliver value every day. Our on-site training is provided by our thoroughly selected industry experts, in the technical aspects of Quik and also in the Quik.Way process, which includes soft skills, practical skills, and communication skills.

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