Quik CSI Survey Results.

How does Quik affect your dealership's Customer Satisfaction Index score?

At your last service, did you receive a Quik. report on your vehicle?
87% positive
  • 87%Yes
  • 13%No
Would you be more likely to have your car maintained at a dealership that offers the Quik service?
91% positive
  • 51%Extremely likely
  • 23%Very likely
  • 17%Likely
  • 9%Not likely
Did you find the Quik service helpful?
93% positive
  • 51%Extremely likely
  • 21%Very likely
  • 15%Likely
  • 7%Not likely
Based on this service, how likely would you be to recommend your dealership to others?
93% positive
  • 58%Extremely likely
  • 22%Very likely
  • 13%Likely
  • 7%Not likely
How satisfied would you be to see this service continued?
97% positive
  • 64%Extremely satisfied
  • 19%Very satisfied
  • 14%Satisfied
  • 3%Not satisfied
Would you be more likely to buy your next car from dealer who offered this service?
88% positive
  • 45%Extremely likely
  • 20%Very likely
  • 23%Likely
  • 12%Not likely

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