A Quik Video of Your Car

Jack Gardner
Posted 3 years ago

The old adage, “If a picture tells a thousand words," can a video tell a thousand pictures? I believe that with the power of video you can enable any service technician, service advisor or service manager, in any dealer, with any brand, in any city worldwide, with an unrivaled power called TRUST.

By building trust and rapport with your customers, your dealership will experience a direct and substantial benefit.

Your dealership will experience a dramatic increase in the following:

  • You will gain an unfair advantage over your competitors
  • You will increase your MPI IDENTIFIED work into MPI SOLD work
  • You will enjoy an immediate connection with your consumers
  • And finally, the byproduct of this trust and rapport is an increase in CSI scores.

So what are the facts?

  • Your customers don’t trust you
  • Nationally, we convert less than 30% of the MPI identified work
  • Once the vehicle’s factory warranty expires, we retain less than 25% of those customers in our service department

So how do we fix this?

Simply send your customer a Quik Video from the workshop, directly to their email and phone, and provide them visual proof of the recommendations you are making.

  • Over 96% of your customers have an email account
  • Over 83% of your customers have a smartphone in their pocket
  • By doing so you will empower your customers to say YES to the repairs first time and change your MPI identified work into MPI sold work.

It is important that you not only send videos to consumers whose vehicles need repairs, but also to those consumers whose vehicles need no repairs.

By doing so from the onset your customers find themselves in a comfort zone so they keep coming back to you.

Result: credibility, trust, and rapport are equally enhanced.


This article was originally published in December 2014 in Massachusetts Auto Dealer Trade Magazine

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